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We are a general real estate law office that focuses on eminent domain & related relocation claims against the government.

Spring Lake Park, MN
Beigetreten Mai 2013


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  1. 5. Mai 2015

    "Government Buyout of Your Property: Your Top 10 Relocation Rights" on

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  2. 10. März 2015

    Minnesota Relocation Law for Businesses & Home Owners

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  3. 15. Jan. 2015
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  4. 7. Dez. 2014

    Kirk S was awarded the 2014 Jimmy Robinson Award by the FFF Club.

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  5. 7. Dez. 2014

    KS law office won big case against Sibley county for illegally taking clients land.

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  6. 14. Aug. 2014

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  7. 9. Juni 2014

    Kirk Schnitker of Schnitker Law will be speaking on June 26th at the Hennepin County Bar Association eminent domain .

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  8. 20. Mai 2013

    Family farmers need HF 854 passed today. key to helping them get compensation they need from utility companies.

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    20. Mai 2013

    Please hear HF854 today with ammended "Buy the Farm" language. Farms like need their options.

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